“It’s been a wonderful introduction to philosophy.  It is a perfect, appropriately framed course, and really should be part of the national curriculum!”

“What you are doing for these young people is fantastic. I would go so far as to say that this subject is more important than anything else my daughters are currently studying at the moment via school.”

Feedback from the Introduction to Philosophy 10-week course April-June 2020:

“I absolutely loved every aspect of the course! The content was very interesting and the right level of difficulty to challenge me without putting me off. I thought Glenn was a fantastic tutor and made every video and session fun and interesting. This course has excited me about philosophy and I am already using my new skills and knowledge in my other subjects and life in general.”

“Thank you for this amazing experience and introducing me to the fascinating world of philosophy!”

“Thank you so much for a really fun and interactive course, you have helped my confidence, and really expanded my knowledge. I’ve had a lot of fun, and I have felt that the experience was really different yet thought provoking.”

“I felt that the combination of worksheets, videos and interactive sessions gave the course a good and even balance, that meant everything was easy to understand, yet you still felt challenged and were constantly extending your knowledge. The wide range of topics covered were well chosen, balanced and very interesting, and the presenter, Glenn, was enthusiastic, engaged, and easy to listen to. I felt very little could be improved, as overall I felt the course really boosted my confidence and knowledge.”

Having no previous knowledge of this topic, this course has taught me to think philosophically and, helped me to understand more about the world (taught me what philosophy is about, helped me to understand how to make moral decisions, taught me about ethical decisions etc). Throughout this course, Glenn has been an amazing teacher. He is friendly, informative and teaches you a lot in every session. This course has also helped me to realise that I would like to study philosophy further and do another one of these courses in the summer holidays and even more.