Teacher Training Courses

Courses for trainee teachers run every year at Edge Hill University, at schools and colleges for INSET/CPD, and also online. Courses/events typically focus on the nature and value of philosophy with children/teenagers; the methodology of philosophical enquiry in the classroom; P4C/T across the curriculum; and the opportunity to plan and facilitate enquiry sessions.

Edge Hill University trainee teachers rated the course as outstanding. Here are some feedback comments:

“I enjoyed discussing how to hold a productive discussion in class, not being a teacher but an encourager and how to do that effectively”

“I think P4C is very useful and it is interesting to learn how to practice it. I appreciate this opportunity.”

“Thank you, it’s been very useful and insightful!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed my time on this course!!”

“Thank you, the course has been great, as well as helping to improve my own practice.”

Please contact training@philosophy4children.com if you would like to arrange for a course to be run at your educational institution during 2021/22.