Philosophy for Tweens!

Philosophy for Tweens! is an online weekly Philosophy club for children, aged 9-12. Sessions are discussion based and each week we explore a BIG philosophical question together through stories, games and activities—questions like ‘is the mind separate from the body?’; ‘what is the best way to make decisions?’; ‘what does it mean to be a good thinker?’, and ‘is it always right to tell the truth?’

The Big Thinkers! sessions help pupils to develop their ability to think critically, creatively, and in collaboration with others, building confidence in exploring ideas and arguments together, and expressing opinions.

Most importantly, sessions are fun! Children are natural philosophers, inclined to wonder about big questions, and Big Thinkers! offers the perfect environment to encourage and nurture this ability.

Sessions take place via Zoom with communication between participants taking place via microphone and chat-box. Participants can see the tutor but not each other – this format works very well and is favoured by a good majority of previous P4T participants.

The next block of sessions begins in March 2022 (Wednesdays 4.30-5.30pm). E-mail for bookings (£50 for six sessions/discount for group bookings).